About us


About us


Project OnlyBestMiners is a project aimed at those of you who want to take the first steps in mining cryptocurrencies, although you do not have much, knowledge about them.
We also invite people familiar with the subject to use our services. We have been providing hosting, maintenance and miners supply services for over 5 years.
We take customer satisfaction and enjoyment as our goal. We want him to leave us with a lot of unique knowledge. We address our offer to both individual customers and small and large enterprises.
We approach the assigned work with due responsibility and reliability. We employ only experienced professionals with the necessary licenses. Our unique knowledge and experience allow us to provide services in accordance with the law and applicable safety norms and standards. We make sure to provide our customers with comfort and safety during the daily use of the miners
We are engaged in both the reliable manufacture of immersion systems and the supply of miners. We offer comprehensive services such as consulting, ongoing support and guarantee the lowest prices in Poland. We treat each client individually.

Our customers get peace of mind and satisfaction guarantee

  • 10,000+ miners delivered
  • 120+ immersion installations completed (home, pool, hall heating)
  • 2,000+ satisfied and served customers
  • 20,000+ custom miners images
These figures could impress us as well. But we do not stop in awe, but keep moving forward. Although our headquarters is located in Warsaw, we direct our services to all corners of the world.

We effectively operate in the cryptocurrency market in the field:

-Sales of mining miners
-Hosting (co-location) and equipment care
-Warranty and post-warranty service
-Project Cube

Computing servers

We offer the most powerful cryptocurrency mining miners.
We sell only the highest quality miners from proven manufacturers such as Bitmain, MicroBt, Goldshell and others.

Co-location and service

Our co-location service includes access to low-cost electricity, storage and operation of mining miners in optimal conditions for their operation. Our server rooms provide security and stability.
Professional service means continuity of operation, fast diagnostics and possible warranty and post-warranty repair of miners.

If you want to expand your knowledge, we invite you to a training course:

– from the field of cryptocurrencies – PLN 199 / 60 minutes
Feel free to contact us!
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