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94 in stock

#OnlyBestMiners has professional, cryptocurrency digger cooling solutions using BitCool #OBM liquid.

Discover the benefits of Immersion Cooling with #OnlyBestMiners!
Benefits of using immersion systems:
1. No noise – heat is dissipated by means of liquid, there is no need for built-in noisy fans. The #ICAquarim has noiseless fans.
2 More power to the copter – by using a more efficient heat dissipation system, we can apply more powerful OverClocking!
3. heat recovery – with our immersion systems, you can recover up to 85% of the energy you use in the form of heat!(Check out our offer to connect #ICSystems to central heating)
4. no dust and longer life of the excavator – liquid cooling ensures that dust does not enter the device, which translates into a longer life.
Details about Fan Simulator
-Fan simulator simulator
fan simulatorpecifications:-DC input: 12 V-Size of simulator: 11.5x20mm

-Fits all 4-pin fans.

Completely nullifies the noise of the excavator and allows up to 85% of electricity to be recovered as heat!
We ensure that the device is properly prepared for immersion.
We also encourage you to take a look at our other immersion systems. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
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