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MiniPool from our partners at DCX Liquid Cooling Company / DCX Immersion CryptoCooling are:
➡ compact dimensions: 66.5 x 53 x 34.5cm;
➡ very aesthetically pleasing, even nice design;
➡ comprehensive solution: heat exchanger + pump;
➡ can be immersed: 2 large machines or 4 “dachshunds”.
➡ affordable price

Heating prices are going crazy 😬 We know how to heat completely for free 🤓.

The MiniPool can be put in:
2 large machines type: Antminer S19 / L7 or 4 “dachshund” type machines, e.g.. Whatsminer

Details about #minipool – small Bathtub
Completely eliminates the noise of the excavator and allows you to recover up to 85% of electricity in the form of heat!
With professional solutions, you can collect waste heat and redirect it to central heating, for example, and enjoy free heating or blow the heat outside!

#OnlyBestMiners has professional, cryptocurrency digger cooling solutions using BitCool #OBM liquid.

Discover the benefits of Immersion Cooling with #OnlyBestMiners!
Benefits of using immersion systems:
1. No noise – heat is dissipated by means of liquid, there is no need for built-in noisy fans. The #ICAquarim has noiseless fans.
2 More power to the copter – by using a more efficient heat dissipation system, we can apply more powerful OverClocking!
3. heat recovery – with our immersion systems, you can recover up to 85% of the energy you use in the form of heat!(Check out our offer to connect #ICSystems to central heating)
4. no dust and longer life of the excavator – liquid cooling ensures that dust does not enter the device, which translates into a longer life.

We ensure that the device is properly prepared for immersion, the cost of the service is an additional PLN 300. (Optional service).
We also encourage you to take a look at our other immersion systems. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
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