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Dear customers, we would like to warn you about this Facebook page.


This is not the first such SCAM impersonating our company, but one that has taken its toll on customers the most so far. Because dozens of people have been fooled by the lies this scammer writes and makes available.


What does it look like to talk to impersonators?






He uses a translator, Prices are specifically understated – there are not even such at the price manufacturer, he does not understand the questions he passes.


When does fraud occur?

The scammer provides his BTC wallet and waits for the deposit after the funds arrive on his wallet, sends a tracking number through a non-existent USPS company. It also gives an invoice or signed contract. Of course, it offers free delivery.

The USPS company probably also created by him sends an email after a few days, stating that the shipment, for example, is at customs and documents are required, for which you have to pay, for example, $350. A normal person will think: okay it’s just a severance package I’ll pay. The person also pays in BTC, sends them an email confirmation. Then in a few days I get another email about another payment, and so on ad infinitum. Of course, the Scammer pretends not to know about this and when you write to him what is happening with the shipment he will try to contact the company and will tell us that this is the last payment.


see for yourself:

Click tutaj👇🏼

fake Facebook website

Please report this profile as an impersonation of our company. Thank you.

Fake contract to provide equipment:

Click tutaj👇🏼

Sales Contrat from -Only Best Miners -30-2023

From time to time we get such contracts from you that are not prepared by us. Please be careful!

Please see

On August 24, 2022, the site was called Dillon American Pucket Bully Home LINK google

and on January 13, 2023 it changed to Only Best Miners



The real OnlyBestMiners that is WE.

Some information to pay attention to when it comes to detecting a scam:

name: OnlyBestMiners – Facebook Page

company headquarters: Modlinska 310/312, 03-152 Warsaw

contact information:

📧 kontakt@onlybestminers.pl

☎️ 22 35 00 36 or 690 160 151 or 574 749 602

other: we place orders only through the website. It is the customer who chooses what he wants to pay with. Collection of devices or shipping only from Poland (DPD,DHL)


Our Facebook page has the same address as on the store.

Sample contract for the provision of equipment:

Co-location Agreement 2023

Our website:

OnlyBestMiners Legal Facebook Website

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