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The company that robbed the People of 6million in 2022.

EASYWAY is a company established in January 2022. Run by several people in Poland having one person on the board. It is Georgian.



recent developments in march

Data of the person: GERADZE AMBROSI


The company robbed people. Why and how did they succeed?

-The company has an office in Warsaw where we were and the excavators have noych. Only pictures on cards and their prices. Known similar or slightly lower than ours.

-Their website showed an address different from the KRS and the Map showed that it was here 👉🏼

-The KRS has in the first place the trade of construction things, that is, they have no right to trade excavators (something IT).

-Utilize Co-location Photos of our ZET technology partners.

Zet website and their photo of the real hosting.


-They use pictures of our covers, because we at YM cut the name out of our box because there was no YAMI-TECH Logo anywhere. You can see that they took it from us. Only after I sent information to them with a request for removal did they say that they were not collecting anything from us or Zet and that we should disconnect from them after which they changed the picture. They threatened us with some kind of lawsuit and in fact they violated our rules by taking the photo.

Their initial announcement:

Our Cover:

Their revised offer:

When we go to this company there will be a woman sitting at the desk, she knows nothing about excavators, she just passes on the contact to someone “from the sales department” and if you ask who the contract for the device is signed with, this lady will answer that with her because she has a power of attorney.

We checked their knowledge because that’s how they advertised on OLX, thus knowing that there is no such copter as E9 because if there was, bitmain would have had it on their site in the first place. The person on OLX replied that E9 will be in April, they will have them first. Asking about the manufacturer of the device, we heard that it is Innosilicon inside ;)), and moreover, the units they added to the machine are fake. It is 2400 Mh/s they inserted MTh, If bitmain doesn’t have it with them then how do they get the price???FromThey exchanged information about this device as well as others after we pointed out to them how they persuade people. And the prices were out of space. Now they are giving prices that are unrealistic. That is, very low so as to encourage people who are not too familiar with the market. The lady who is the “seller” on OLX is very unpleasant, and wanting to know anything about the devices she tells you to call someone else because she is only for listing ads.

In addition, they give warranties of 24 months and 60 months. NO manufacturer offers such guarantees. ASIC – the warranty is 180dni for new devices. Bitmain has now submitted some devices by 100 days. But not 24 months …

Unfortunately, what we feared has happened. They rob really a lot of people.

Of course, words are not thrown to the wind, we have evidence of this from the beginning of how they entered the market that is, this year, and they persuade people.









All Correspondence:


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